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Who are you doing this for?

It’s 5 in the morning and I had an urge to play this song that’s been on my heart this week. I randomly found it while on YouTube. Or better yet, IT found me. It was a reminder of the source of my strength.

It’s interesting how I will get confirmation from God to utilize my talents. But then I get in my way! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is method of treatment I often utilize during my therapy sessions. Essentially you identify thoughts that aren’t useful and challenge them by replacing them with useful realistic ones.

As a therapist, I try to help clients with this process. But I also had to challenge myself and think about some of my thoughts that hinder me? Thoughts like: am I capable?

But then I got a thought. “who are you doing this for?!” What’s my purpose? Am I doing what I am called to do?! How am I using the abilities that I was given to serve God? And it hit me.

Then just as quickly are other thoughts that stems from doubt and fear. 🗣THIS KIND OF THINKING KEEPS ME STUCK! I don’t need to worry about anything else except to focus on my purpose and my calling. It’s when I take my eyes off of my purpose, these doubts and fears come creeping through. But if I remember the answer to this question: “who am I doing this for?!” It’s clear!

So I encourage you to reflect on this question too! Are you using your talents or are you allowing fear to get in the way?

Keep your mind focused on your purpose and your calling. For me, I’m also going to keep my mind on WHO is calling me!

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