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So you started a blog?!

Anyone that really knows me, knows I hate writing! I always say: I would much rather solve a math problem then write. And here I am, in a field that requires THE MOST writing! 🤦🏾‍♀️ (Go figure). But, despite my feelings about writing, I have always wanted to start a blog! So, I wanted to start off with telling you a little about myself!

-I am an introvert and a homebody! It’s funny because my career requires me to have some extrovert tendencies. So, I do have to fight my natural tendency of wanting to be in solitude. By the time I am done with my sessions, I have reached my threshold of wanting to engage. 😬😐✌🏾 But I am also a great listener! Strangers have always found it comforting to tell me random things.

-One reason I started my crafting journey, was to have a creative outlet. Little did I know what this outlet would turn into (The Therapist’s Corner). Or even how it will grow! (The sky is the limit! 😆☺️)

-I used to play basketball starting from 6th grade into under-grad. By the time I was in under-grad, basketball was pretty much my life. I loved going to watch the woman’s Notre Dame team play. I played basketball year-round (on the team, scrimmage, and class competition). I do miss being part of a team and the fun we had. After under-grad, I did end up coaching our girl’s youth church league. (Very short lived! 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️☺️😩)

-I love reality television shows! I don’t have much time to watch shows like I did in the past. But I even contemplated starting a YouTube series on my take of the shows I watched. I even did a few videos.

Well that’s it for now! Thanks for joining me!

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