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Small Business Grants!

So I have been doing some research on small business grants. I have come across a few that I thought I would share! Here's a list I have found so far. If I find anymore, I'll update this post.

The first one is by Citi Trends. So for Black History Month, they are granting TEN African-American entrepreneurs $5,000! Deadline is: February 28th.

The next one is with They are granting ONE female African-American entrepreneur $1,000. The entrepreneur can be from any field or business who is currently or aspiring to build their business. Deadline is: February 11th.

The next one is with New Voices Foundation. They will be granting FIVE female African-American entrepreneurs $10,000! There are some exclusions. The business can't "hold a retail or wholesale liquor license, or sell children’s, maternity, medical, health, and/or mental or physical wellness products". Deadline is: February 28th.

The next one is with BGE. They will be granting eligible small businesses $20,000! Deadline: March 3rd.

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