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Behind the Scenes of a Custom Order!

So I had an order to create personalized aprons and drawstring bags for a kid's birthday party. The birthday girl wanted a virtual paint party. I loved the idea when I heard about it! Some customized orders require communication throughout the process. In the initial consultation meeting, I like to get the customer’s vision. A quote is then sent. When the quote is accepted and paid, the process begins!

So for this order, the customer requested that each child have personalized aprons that included some sort of paint splatter. On the drawstring bags, the birthday girl would have her name with a saying. I then began the process of sending 5 font options for the order.

Next, options for the personalized aprons.

And then for the drawstring bags.

Then the process of designing each name began. To help with aligning the names on the aprons, I used the knockout method. Watch the video to see a short clip of me using Affinity Designer and Cricut Design Space that helped this process.

Then begins the process of cutting and weeding. In order to keep things organized. I placed matching names with the aprons and bags. The process is much quicker once I am ready to start heat pressing.

Here’s the final look!

*Music: Secret Sauce; Musician: Jeff Kaale

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