1.   A digital fax  This is a must.  We personally love Ringcentral and Nextiva digital fax companies they are easy to connect to your email.

2.  For your practice, you will need an EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Record). There are loads out there, but we LOVE Therapynotes-Practice Management and EMR software for Behavioral Health  www.therapynotes.com

3.  Simplify EMR-powered by Genensys. www.genensys.com

4.  www.doculicious.com   This allows you to embed your forms, surveys etc on your website and enables to complete them online and send them to  your email address.

5.  www.upwork.com–  This site offers professionals that offer many services from website creation, graphic artists and social media marketing.

6.  www.pdffiller.com-This is great for those forms that you tend to use over and over.  Just fill in the information once.

7.  www.wordpress.com  Although there are many platforms for building websites, WordPress is a well known, versatile platform.  You can make it as simple or as complicated as you would like.

8.  www.google.com  Google plus offers business owners many free tools to streamline business practices.  Items such as google docs make creating and sharing information with others a breeze.

9.  www.sba.gov  Offers great business resources and connection opportunities.

10.  www.eligipro.com  If you are a Medicaid provider in the state of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina-you must use this service!  It checks the eligibility of your patients’ daily and sends you a report of any changes. If also keeps a record of all the dates checked in case you are ever audited or get a letter from Medicaid stating they paid you for dates that the child was not eligible.

11.  RoweSEO   If you are not sure where to begin in the creation of your website or increase traffic to your website that is already built-then RoweSEO should be your first stop.  Owner Justyn Rowe, makes search engine optimization and building websites easy for the small business owner.

12.  www.amazon.com (Amazon Prime)-This is great for ordering therapy materials, books and even gifts.  Shipping is free and you can get it fast.

13.  www.teacherspayteachers.com  A great resource for therapy materials.  Also consider becoming a vendor on this site.  It would be another way to diversify your income.